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 Team War (Read Before Declaring)

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PostSubject: Team War (Read Before Declaring)   Fri May 31, 2013 8:51 pm

Here are the rules of team wars

How To Declare

1. Chose another team.
2. Talk to your Co-leader and at least one Adviser and vote if you should battle or not. Two-third vote decides.
3. Decide who will be your Defenders and Attackers (one Adviser and one normal member must be on each Attackers and Defenders.)
4. Leaders and Co-Leaders can switch between Attackers and Defenders.
5. Begin Battle.

During Battle

1. Each team has six Heart Points.
2. Each time a Defender is defeated, the Defender's team loses a Heart Point. Screen Shot the results of a duel.
3. Attackers can duel other Attackers. If an Attacker loses that player's team loses half of a heart point. Screen Shot the results of the duel.
4. If the player who attacks loses the duel, that player's team loses a Heart Point.

How to Win

1. The other team surrendering.
2. The other team's Leader, one Adviser, and one member being inactive for a week after declaration.
3. Reducing the other team's Heart Points to 0.


1. The privilege to have anything from any shop free for a day .
2. Each member receives 400 Duel Cash.
3. Being known as the better of the two teams.

(There may be tournaments to have all teams fight each other and/or pair up. The rules of that tournament will most likely be different than the above. Prizes within the tournaments may vary.)
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Team War (Read Before Declaring)
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